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Diet plays an important role in diabetes management.Faulty eating patterns along with unhealthy lifestyle leads to diabetes mellitus. Dietary interventions : -A) Add on healthy complex carbs like whole wheat & whole wheat products,brown rice,millets like ragi,jowar etc into your daily diet. B) Add on good amounts of both veg proteins like all pulses & legumes, in animal proteins like low fat milk & milk products such as curd,in non-veg items fish,lean chicken,eggs etc. C) Add on low glycemic index fruits like apple,guava etc,green vegs,leafy vegs like spinach,drumstick leaves ,in other vegs like brinjals,cucumber etc in moderate to liberal amounts. D) Add on nuts like almonds,walnuts etc and in seeds like flax seeds,chia seeds,pumpkin seeds etc in roasted form. E) Add on healthy cooking oils like olive oil,soyabean oil etc. in desirable amounts. F) Try to have small frequent meals on each 2.5 hours of gap to control unnecessary hunger pangs. G) Try to have approx 2.5ltrs of water in a whole day including other liquid items like low fat buttermilk,plain jal jeera water etc. H) Try to focus on portion size control of each meals,carb counting and have a thorough knowledge about glycemic index of all foods. I) Try to make a habit of writting down daily on a dairy which foods and how much water you are drinking daily.

Healthy foods importance for good health

Healthy foods are very essential to lead a healthy diseased free life.Most of the people these days making a common mistake of not having a healthy diet as well as leading unhealthy lifestyle for which suffering from many chronic health issues such as diabetes,hypertension, kidney failure etc. Healthy food plate includes :- 1) Whole grains & whole grain products. 2) Millets like jowar,bajra,ragi etc. 3) Milk and milk products like curd,all pulses and legumes like chickpeas,animal foodstuffs like eggs, chicken,fishes etc. 4) Fruits and green vegs,leafy vegs and other vegs. 5) Healthy cooking oils like olive oil,rice bran oil etc,butter and desi ghee . 6)All nuts like almonds,walnuts etc and seeds like flax seeds,chia seeds,pumpkin seeds etc. IMPORTANCE OF HEALTHY FOOD EATING : - 1) To maintain a healthy body weight. 2) To maintain a healthy blood sugar level. 3) Helps in healthy heart functioning. 4) Decreased chances of cancer. 5) Reduced risk of hormonal imbalance. 6) Healthy brain functioning. and lastly 7) Reduced risk of kidney failure. So ,eat a healthy balanced diet and maintain a healthy life forever.

Healthy foods vs.junk foods health impacts

Healthy food plate includes - 1) Whole grains and whole grain products,millets like jowar,ragi,jaw etc. 2) Protein rich foods like all pulses and legumes,milk and milk products like cottage cheese,curd etc, animal foods like chicken,fish etc. 3) Fruits like apple,orange,guava,pomegranates etc . 4) Green vegs like bottle gourd,all gourds like ridge gourd,raw papaya,vindi,parwal etc. 5) Leafy vegs such as amaranth,drumstick leaves,spinach etc. 6) Other vegs such as pumpkin,turnip,radish,brinjal,cucumber,yam etc. 7) Healthy cooking oils such as canola oil,gingely oil,sesame seed oil,olive oil etc. 8)All nuts like walnuts,hazel nuts,pine nuts etc and in seeds includes flax seeds,watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. 9) brown sugar,jaggery,organic honey,peanut butter/almond butter,desi ghee etc in required amounts. Whereas junk food plate includes : - 1) Highly salty fully processed foods or packaged foods like chips,wafers,instant noodles, kurkure etc. 2) Empty calorie foods like veg/non-veg rolls,veg/non-veg chowmeins, cakes,pastries, pizzas,momos,cold drinks etc. 3) Other street foods like aloo chops,samosas, pani pooris, bhel pooris,chats etc. Health benifits of having healthy foods(home cooked) : - A) Less chances of weight gain. B) Decreased chances of diabetes mellitus occurrence. C) Reduces chances of atherosclerosis and other heart issues. D) Decreased chances of infertility issues. F) Reduces the chances of thyroid issues. and last but not the least- G) Reduces the increased chance of cancer of all sorts. Bad health impacts of high intake of junk foods :- A) Increased chance of obesity. B) High risk of heart stroke and other cardiac issues. C) High risk of diabetes mellitus. D) High risk of cancer of all forms like liver cancer,kidney cancer, uterine cancer etc. E) Increased chance of neurological disorders. and last but not the least F) High risk of thyroid issues. Healthy eating practices : - 1) Don't skip prime meals such as breakfast,lunch,snacks and dinner. 2) Try to have breakfast within 2hours of waking up from bed. 3) Try to have small frequent meals on each 2.5hours of gap rather than having 3 large meals. 4) Try to have healthy carb and healthy protein rich low fat containing healthy breakfast. 5) Try to have less deep fried oily,less gravy,spicy and masala rich foods daily. 6) Try to have early dinner that too light foods in night time for proper digestion,no non- veg items in dinner time should be included. 7) Instead of having excess tea or coffee try to have green tea or any herbal teas along with healthy nuts like almonds or roasted chana or makhanas etc in evening time snacks. 8 ) Try to plan your next day meal before one day to have a clear cut knowledge about the the foods you are eating daily,how much quantity eating and how much water drinking. 9) Try to chew the foods properly while eating inorder to avoid digestion issues. 10) Try to avoid munching on chips,kurkure,wafers etc rather than carry a fruit or nutrichoice digestive biscuits or nuts or roasted seeds like flax seeds,chia seeds,pumpkin seeds etc. Lifestyle modifications : - Lifestyle modification is quite essential along with having a healthy diet.Under lifestyle modification comes 1) Regular exercise- Exercise in the forms of brisk walking,jogging or running,aerobic exercises,yoga asanas etc daily from 45mins to 1hour,slowly increase the exercise timing. 2) Stress management - Stress reduction is very essential to lead a healthy life. Stress can be reduced either by doing yoga pranayams or listening soothing music,doing meditation etc. 3) Proper sleep - Proper sleep is also very essential to lead a healthy life. One need to sleep for minimum of 6-7hours in night time.If facing problem in sleep then try to read a good book before going to bed or listen a nice music for getting a sound sleep in night time. Therefore,try to maintain a healthy routine life along with a proper balanced diet to get rid off all chronic health issues like cancer,cardiac issues,renal issues etc. Thus,eat healthy and stay fit forever.


What is liver cirrhosis? - Cirrhosis develops when the healthy tissue in the liver gets replaced with scar tissue over the duration of many years leading to organ failure and causing severe complications. Dietary guidelines : - Do's -> 1) Eat whole grain cereals. 2) Include salad with meals. 3) Eat fruits in between main meals. 4) Include fresh garlic and ginger for gravy. Dont's -> 1) More oil for the food preparation. 2) Fast foods. 3) Sweets, pastries and baked foods. 4) Meat and meat products. and 5) Alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Food items you can easily consume in liver cirrhosis -> 1) Cereal - Brown rice, whole wheat, oats,jowar,bajra etc. 2) Pulses - Red gram, green gram,black gram etc. 3) Vegetables - all gourds like bitter gourd,snake gourd, ridge gourd, bottle gourd,ladies finger etc. 4) Fruits - Citrus fruits-orange,mousumbi,grape fruit,lemon,berries- straw berry,black berry,cherries,pineapple etc. 5) Milk and milk products- low fat milk,low fat curd etc. 6) Meat,fish and egg- Skin out chicken, eggwhite,fish like salmon, etc. 7) Oil - 2tsp(10ml) 8) Sugar - 2tsp (10gram) and 9) Other beverages- green tea. One day sample diet plan : - SUNDAY Breakfast (8.00-8.30AM) - 1veg omelette +1cup skimmed milk Mid-meal (11.00-11.30AM) - 1cup coconut water/1bowl fruit salad Lunch (2.00-2.30PM) - 1cup dal + 1cup soybean curry+2chapati+1small plate veg salad Evening snacks (4.00-5.00PM) - 1cup skimmed milk/tea +2whole grain biscuits Dinner (8.00-8.30PM) - 1cup cauliflower and potato veg +2chapati +1small plate veg salad For more information in detail pls connect through knowyourfood.in for online diet consultation.


Diet is very much essential in case of getting recovery from jaundice as early as possible. Here i am sharing few basic dietary recommendations for jaundice: - Food items that are recommended are as follow : 1) Atleast 8 glasses of water ,water helps to flush out the harmful waste products of the liver which is bilirubin and helps keep it level in the blood under check. 2) Fresh fruits and vegs should be consumed. 3) Coffee should be consumed in a moderate fashion as it has been observed to benifit the patient. 4) Milk thistle,it is known to boost the recovery process by protecting the liver from harmful toxins. 5) Honey,pineapple and mango,it has natural digestive enzymes. 6) Fiber rich vegs and nuts-fibres are known to absorb bilirubin. Foods to avoid - 1) Alcohol , it causes tremendous pressure on the liver to breakdown the by-product of digestion of alcohol. 2) Saturated fats - found in animal fats,they are the hardest to digest. 3) Refined sugar and sodium. Food items you can easily consume - 1) Cereals- white rice(porridge). 2) Pulses - Avoid in initial day's of treatment for fast recovery. 3) Vegetables- All gourds-bittergourd,snake gourd, ridge gourd, bottle gourd,ladies finger,tinda,potato,yam,carrot etc(Cooked one). 4) Fruits - Banana,citrus fruits-orange,mousumbi,grapefruit,berries- strawberry,blue berry,grapes etc. 5) Milk and milk products - low fat milk,low fat curd etc. Other beverages - 1) Meat and fish- Avoid in intial day's of treatment for fast recovery. 2) Oil- 2tbsp(30ml). 3) Sugar - 2tsp (10gram). Thus,these are some of the basic dietary guidelines for a jaundice patient can follow to get out of it as soon as possible.


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent seizures symptoms. These seizures occur because of a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain which causes a temporary disturbance in the messaging systems of the brain cells. These seizures have a range of severity depending on the individuals. Food items to limit : - 1) Refined carbs - These foods include refined carb foods such as pizza,soft drinks,white bread,cakes, white rice etc. 2) Certain fruits & vegs - Avoid certain vegs and fruits that full in the medium to high glycemic range. These foods include mangoes, raisins, bananas, mashed potatoes etc. 3) Monosodium glutamate-If you have epilepsy, it is best to avoid this food additive,even though it has not been determined if any amount of MSG can cause or worsen seizures in people. 4) Ginkgo nuts - If you have epilepsy,it is best to not eat an excess of ginkgo nuts,since they may be toxic to nerves. FOOD ITEMS YOU CAN EASILY CONSUME :- 1) Low glycemic index foods like whole grains, brown rice,wholewheat bread and pasta,legumes, yoghurt and nuts. 2) Meat and seafood - Meat and sea food are rich sources of protein and nutrients that support your immune system such as zinc. 3) Fruits and vegs - To increase your anti-oxidant intake,incorporate a variety of colorful fruits and vegs such as berries,cherries,citrus fruits ,spinach,kale etc. 4) Butter and oil - Butter and oil are fat sources which help your body absorb fat soluble nutrients and enhance brain function. Thus,epilepsy can be controlled by following a proper diet with a healthy lifestyle.


What is spirulina? - A single cell organism with a spiral physical configuration that comes from the blue green fresh water algae. Spirulina is a superfood with a remarkable ability to synthesize concentrated food efficiently.It is loaded with 60% highly digestible protein. A low-calorie super green with an excellent amount of chlorophyll,vitmins,essential minerals,nucleic acids,anti-oxidants,poly- saccharides including a high concentration of omega-6 fatty acids. Health benifits of spirulina : - 1) A great immune system booster. 2) A natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. 3) Improves digestive system and gastro-intestinal tract. 4) Balances the body's PH level. 5) Regulates blood pressure. 6) Regulates the hormone system. 7) Lowers blood cholesterol levels. 8) Reduces food craving and insulin intake. 9) Eliminates heavy metals in the body. and 10) One of the best nutritional supplements from nature. Thus, spirulina is benificial for the overall good functioning of the body system.